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Merry Merry Cover

Cork and Fuzz
Merry Merry Holly Holly

Illustrated by Lisa McCue
Viking 2015
ISBN: 978-0-451-47501-5

There's something special about the day. But what? Cork the muskrat and Fuzz the possum go in search of a "piece of quiet" to figure it out. Along the way, they come across noisy birds, nut throwing squirrels, and a noisy jingly bell. But a piece of quiet turns out to be hard to find.

Will they ever learn why the day is special?
Derry Fair cover art
Hurry Down to Derry Fair
Illustrated by Gillian Tyler
Candlewick 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7636-3208-3
"Hurry, Mama! Please, let's go!
Let's go to Derry Fair!
I want to ride the giant swing
that flies high in the air!"

"Dinny Brown, don't hurry so!
I'm making lemon pies.
I'm going to take them to the fair.
I hope they win a prize!"

Don't Slam the Door 300 size Don't Slam the Door

Illustrated by Will Hillenbrand
Candlewick 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7636-3709-5

Please don't slam the door!
Don't slam that old screen door!
A slamming door will wake the cat,
and heaven knows, we don't want that,
so please don't slam that door!


Art © Will Hillenbrand 2010


Mousie Love

Illustrated by Josée Masse
Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN: 978-1-59990-111-4

The moment Tully saw Frill, he immediately fell in love. Tully hadn't planned on falling in love. But the cat had chased him under the pantry door, and there was Frill, in the flour bin, prettily powdered.

With an eager flutter in his heart, Tully didn't say hello or how do you do? The first words out of his mouth were, "Will you marry me?

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Baby's Song

Illustrated by Deborah Perez-Stable
Abingdon Press
ISBN 978-0-687-49254-1

Baby, see the winter snow
Swirling all around,
Covering the house and gate,
Blanketing the ground.
Roll a snowball!  Make a snowman!
Pat!  Pat!  Pat!
God has made the lacy snow
That decorates your hat.



Looking for Easter

Illustrated by Margie Moore
Albert Whitman & Company
ISBN 978-0-8075-4749-6

Little Bunny poked his nose out of the burrow. Something was in the air. It smelled like sunshine and warm breezes and clear flowing water.
"Good morning, Beaver!" Bunny called across the pond. "What is that smell in the air?"

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Council of Wisconsin Writers Arthur Tofte / Betty Ren Wright Children’s Literature Honorable Mention

Kansas State Reading Circle Review

Bank Street Best Children's Books of 2008

Pennies in a Jar

Illustrated by Ted Lewin
Peachtree 2007
ISBN 978-1-56145-422-8

The day Dad went away to the war, I cried. He hugged me and told me to be brave. But I was afraid of so many things. Like how Mom and I had to take care of things by ourselves now. And the loud noises in our neighborhood when they tested the air raid sirens.

I was even afraid of everyday things.

Especially the street horses.

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Art © 2007 Ted Lewin

Library Media Connection  Starred Review

Coriander the Contrary Hen

Illustrated by Marsha Gray Carrington
ISBN 978-1-57505-749-1

Coriander was a contrary hen.
When Farmer Bucket said, "Go!" 
     Coriander stayed.
When Mrs. Bucket said, "Stay!" 
     Coriander went.
When little Fanny Bucket told Coriander not to dig in the garden, Coriander dug up three pea plants and ate a half a row of baby lettuce.


Art © 2007 Marsha Gray Carrington

* Bank Street College of Education Best Children's Book of the Year 2008

Virginnie's Hat

Illustrated by Holly Meade
ISBN 978-0-76362-397-5

A puff, a pull,
    A whift, a lift,
        A gust of wind,
            That hat's adrift!

                 Right to the swamp,
                     Just sailin' free,
                         Then that new hat
                              Lands high,high,high...

                                    in a sycamore tree.


Art © 2007 Holly Meade

* Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People 2007

IBBY Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2009

Dancing With Katya

Illustrated by Constance Bergum
Peachtree 2006
ISBN 1-56145-376-5

I put Katya in the wheelbarrow and zigzagged over every bump I could find.  Katya hung on to the sides.  The cows watched as Kat rolled by, her laughter rising up, up, up until I thought it would brush the bottom of the sky.



Art © 2006 Constance Bergum

When Cows Come Home for Christmas

Illustrated by Lynne Chapman
Albert Whitman & Company 2005
ISBN 0-8075-8877-6

When cows come home for Christmas,
They clomp right through the door.
With polished horns and shining bells,
They're gathering once more.


Art © 2005 Lynne Chapman

Christmas Mouseling

Illustrated by Susan Kathleen Hartung
Viking Children's Books 2005
ISBN 0-670-05984-6

On a cold December night when the north wind blew blustery and bold, a baby mouse was born.

"My poor, sweet mouseling," Mother Mouse whispered.  "It is so cold!"

Then, whoosh! the winter wind blew the tiny mouse nest apart.

Art © 2005 Susan Kathleen Hartung

That Blessed Christmas Night

Illustrated by Deborah Perez-Stable
Abingdon Press 2004
ISBN 0-687-00626-0

The shepherds went with all their sheep,
And found the Infant fast asleep,
In a manger, safe and deep,
That blessed Christmas night.


Art © 2004 Abingdon Press

Goodnight, Dewberry Bear

Illustrated by Florence Davis
Abingdon Press 2003
ISBN 0-687-02691-1

"God in heaven, always here,
don't let Gorilla-fump bite my ear!"


Art © 2003 Abingdon Press

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Selection

Momma, Will You?

Illustrated by Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher
Viking Children's Books 2004
ISBN 0-670-05907-2

Momma, will you feed the hen?
Yes or no or maybe.
Scatter corn around the pen.
You and me and baby.



Art © 2004 Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher

One Little Mouse

Illustrated by LeUyen Pham
Viking Children's Books 2002
ISBN 0-670-88947-4

One little mouse took a look at his house
Deep in the woodland ground.
"This nest is too small.  Not roomy at all.
There must be a new one around!"



Art © 2002 LeUyen Pham

Publisher's Weekly Starred Review
School Library Journal Starred Review

Archer/Eckblad Council for Wisconsin Writer's Award 2000

On A Wintry Morning

Illustrated by Stephen T. Johnson
Viking Children's Books 2000
ISBN 0-670-89245-9

Daddy, take your baby out.
Take your bonny baby out.
Show your baby all about
On a wintry morning.

Art © 2000 Stephen T Johnson


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